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Up North Truck and Tire is the first store of its kind in Alpena. A combination full-service tire center as well as a custom vehicle installation shop. We saw a need for a new option that could offer better service, better prices, more choices, and a modern shopping experience.

We are locally owned and operated. We hire local professionals with high character who know our customers. We are contracting with local businesses for signage and utilities. We are planning various events that we believe will serve the community. In summary, we are committed to this community and to serving you.

We carry a large inventory of brand name tires. If we don’t stock them, we can usually get what you want within 24 hours.

Save up to 80% off the price of new tires with our certified used tire inventory. We inspect each used tire for tread integrity and blemishes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Recommended every 7500 miles to ensure even wear and solid road contact. Rotating your tires can prolong the life of your tires significantly.

Slow leaks are a persistent problem, but easy and inexpensive to repair. Fix your tires leaks before the problem gets out of control

Buy one, two, three, four or five (Jeep) tires. Your choice. We can accommodate and number of tires, large or small.

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